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-Our company is founded on customer satisfaction, high ethical standards and prompt, knowledgeable service.

-Our goal is to balance service and professionalism with highest quality workmanship and warranties.

Why Choose Foundation Roofing?

Choosing the right roof replacement group can be difficult. The employees of Foundation Roofing are highly trained and qualified to be the best professional they can be. We believe that a roof is one of the most important things to a structure. It needs care and needs to be treated as if was a roof over our own families. The roof when replaced, will save you money every month, and that is something we at Foundation pride ourselves on. 

Saving you money!


Foundation Roofing's Promise to You!

Through our decades of experience getting people and businesses new roofs, we have found a method that works faster than any other roofing contractor.  We've seen hundreds of methods to replacing a roof and we have fine tuned ours to be the fastest, the easiest, and the best process to replace and repair your home or business's roof. 

-Owner, Foundation Roofing

Orlando Real Estate Agent -

John and his team have helped my business getting new roofs for my clients and I cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they do for my agency. What I love about these guys, is their willingness to walk away as apposed to the majority of contractors stepping up to something they can't follow through on with pristine service. They are not one to waste peoples time, and I love that!

-Theo Gonzalez 

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